CWHH Level 1 – Advanced

Certified White Hat Hacker Level 1  –  Corporate (Hands On)

1.      Introduction to Security (30 minutes)

a.       Psychology of an attacker

b.      General concepts

c.      Hacker Methodologies

2.      Distinguishing Various classes of Hackers 

a.       Black, White, Grey

b.      New class of Hackers – The bounty hunters

c.       Various perspectives of offering a service as an advocate of offensive security

3.       Various Toolkits  (Hands on sessions):(2 hours)

a.       Tamper data

b.       Firebug

c.        Hackbar

d.        Live HTTP Headers

e.        Maltego

f.         Shodan

g.        Google Hacking

h.        FOCA

i.         Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

4.        Advanced tools for vulnerability assessment/penetration testing(hands on):(2 hours)

a.        Exploiting vulnerabilities: Metasploit , nmap

b.       Reverse Engineering: Ollydbg

c.       Password crackers& win password crackers

d.       Web application vulnerability : sqlmap

e.       Network Vulnerability Scanner :Nessus

5.      Advanced Persistent Threats – A corporate nightmare (30 minutes)

a.       An overview of APTs

b.      Various Phases of an APT

Certification Policy:

Every participant receives a Certified White Hat Hacker Certificate(Level-1) – Corporate